M.S & C.M., Williston

Kieran is nothing less than great. He managed the sale of our house effectively through targeted advertising in various media and negotiated the best offer from the many we received. Kieran is a true professional in what he does and the best Realtor we have worked with in our many moves.

S.H. & F.H. - Burlington, Buyer

There were 5+ points in this transaction where it should have fallen apart. Permitting issues, twists and turns with insurance, financing. He was tireless and wildly successful in minimizing and eliminating each and every risk - managing the timeline, protecting our deposit, protecting us from ourselves - an unbelievably skilled professional. I learned things. I was initially a little skeptical of the need to have a buying agent at all, as we have bought two homes prior to this one with no representation on either the buy or sell side. Oh how I was mistaken. Those were easy transactions with known parties and many years ago, For this property, the market conditions were (still are) extremely challenging for buyers, in particular Burlington, and compounded again by the extreme uniqueness of the property. It is arguable that this is the most coveted street (and certainly the highest priced), in the most expensive city in Vermont. The challenge of getting our offer selected when competing with numerous offers, some cash, and many above asking was extreme. Our offer had to come together quickly, and Kieran's counsel on the structure of the offer, down to finite detail on the style of proposed financing, nuances of the escalation clause, proposed time to close were 100% absolutely invaluable. Getting a house without a cash offer in this market alone was an accomplishment, on that street, I'm not sure another agent would have even accepted us as a client, I don't think any others could have pulled it off. Unreal skill. What's more, I don't think we overpaid by a single penny. Kieran got us into that house 10 times between the acceptance of the offer and the close so we could bring architects and contractors through. Incredibly accommodating. His knowledge of the market, working relationships with the insurance & mortgage broker were absolutely invaluable. It is our dream home. Kieran made it happen, I doubt another agent could have. We will be forever grateful

JD and Nicole, Seller

Kieran Donnelly has handled six major transactions for us, each seamlessly. His responsiveness is unmatched by any professional we have worked with across all industries. He brings integrity, honesty and a great sense of humor to his work and we could not be more thankful.

Pam C.

Kieran was a fabulous broker. He was detailed, organized, available for questions throughout the sale. He was a wealth of knowledge and a delight to work with. I would recommend him to friends and family! Thank you Kieran! My neighbors sold their townhome a few years ago and recommended Kieran to me. So glad they did.

Debra Goodwin

I could care less who he worked for but I'll never use anyone other than Kieran. He went above & beyond to drag me to about 20 properties, gave me background on each town & community, guided me through the process, bull-dogged the bank into closing as early as possible, and worked all hours of the day/night/weekend to make my deal go through. He was exceptional.

P. Simenon, Seller

Kieran is not only incredibly knowledgeable, he is profoundly dedicated to his job and his clients. Extremely personable, he goes beyond the call of duty to get the deal done and every single details ironed out. He is well known and rightfully appreciated in the community, fiercely hardworking and impressively resourceful.